Choose: tailor-made training programs to develop your skills

Based on a complete interdisciplinary program, the CyberSchool training offering allows you to create your "à la carte" training program on the challenges of digital security.
Parcours de formation cybersécurité

A flexible study program

At Master level, the training will revolve around a research project (starting in their first year of Master, students will be integrated into a research team), a laboratory internship (university or industrial) and a flexible study program, combining major and minor. The student will choose his major from the 6 research areas of CyberSchool. In a minor, will be able to opt for another of these 6 areas, courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, law or political science.

Research and training through research

The synergy between academic research and the socio-economic world will also feed doctoral training: in addition to their thesis, doctoral students will put their expertise at the service of companies, leveraging the potential and skills of young researchers.

To raise their awareness of – and interest in – cybersecurity issues, CyberSchool will endeavor to ensure that this dynamic also benefits undergraduate students.