Life on campus

CyberSchool is located on Beaulieu Campus at the east of Rennes, the first-ranking “most liveable” European city.
The 60-hectare campus is home to numerous research, teaching, cultural and sports infrastructures.

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Student organisations

Campus life gives students the opportunity to develop a sense of initiative, civic awareness and acquire new skills. The highly-diverse range of student activities at Université de Rennes plays a central role in university life and adds to the University’s momentum and influence.

As a CyberSchool student, you can join several organisations on Beaulieu Campus:

List of on-campus organisations


Contact the Students’ Association (Pôle Vie Etudiante – PVE)
+33 2 23 23 36 29

Studying on campus

The Beaulieu University library (BU), and the University’s local partner libraries, are open for students, research professors, University staff and external visitors who wish to study there, request information and carry out research.

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Student residences

CyberSchool students have a large choice of 25 university halls of residence and student residences in Rennes. A host of accommodation options are available year round in Rennes, from a bedroom in university halls of residence, to a studio, or a one-bedroomed flat.

The 750 comfort bedrooms and 900 economy bedrooms at the university halls of residence on Beaulieu Campus are housing-benefit (ALS) compatible.

Other student accommodation in Rennes

Rennes Crous office (French body in charge of coordinating university student social services) can also put you in touch with private property owners and potential flatmates.

For more information

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Getting around in Rennes

Studying in Rennes means you can enjoy numerous activities and this will involve travel: going to and from campuses and sports activities, shopping, and going out, etc. Many students also need to regularly organise travel between their family homes and their student accommodation.

Below are several travel tips for CyberSchool students:

Carte Korrigo

This is the main travel card in Rennes and Brittany (bus, metro, regional express train network (TER), and self-service bikes) and provides access to a range of Crous services (university restaurants – Resto’U, etc.), university libraries, and public swimming pools, etc.


Rennes boasts quite an extensive bike path and bike parking network.

Rustine de Beaulieu’s DIY bike repair workshop is run on campus by a voluntary team of cycling enthusiasts and aims to foster mutual help and knowledge sharing.

Vélo Star is a short-term, self-service, bike hire service.

Public transport

The STAR (Rennes’ metro and bus service) student deal offers unlimited use of the metro + bus + bike services and several other benefits.

Illenoo, an Ille-et-Vilaine county service, runs coaches from the bus station beside Rennes train station.

The French national railway company (SNCF) and its regional express train network (TER) also serve the county and the Brittany region.

Carpooling and car sharing

Ehop: if you need your car to get to campus or if you need a lift to university then Ehop’s local carpooling home-work travel network is for you.

CityRoul’ is a car sharing service for one-off car needs (shopping, a trip to the coast, or transporting equipment).

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Where to eat

A wide range of on-campus catering choices is available:

University restaurants (RU)

  • L’étoile
  • L’Astrolabe
  • INSA university restaurant

Izly cards are the most frequently used payment method in university restaurants and the Crous cafeteria (Cafet’du Crous).

See the RU on the campus map


  • The Diapason
  • ISTIC cafeteria
  • Cafèt’ Métronome
  • K-fet INSA

See the cafeterias on the campus map

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