Career opportunities

Graduates are employed by various organisations as information system infrastructure security specialists.
They are recruited in positions where they design, create and ensure the robustness and security of complex IT architectures.

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Students will be able to apply to the following main employment areas and positions:

  •  Security management and security project management
    – Chief of Informations Systems security, within TPE
    – Security Coordinator


  •  Security IS design and maintenance
    – Technical security Expert
    – Application security Expert
    – Cryptologist
    – Security solution Administrator
    – Cybersecurity organisational Auditor
    – Cybersecurity technical Auditor


  •  Security incident and crisis management
    SOC (Security Operation Center) Analyst
    CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) Manager
    – Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst
    – Cyber threat intelligence Analyst


  •  Consulting, services and research
    Cybersecurity consultant
    Cybersecurity Trainer
    – IT Security Evaluation Facility (IT-SEF) Specialist
    – Security product Developer
    – Security product Integrator
    – Cybersecurity Researcher (for PhD students)


  •  Related jobs
    professions contributing to the cybersecuriy approach
    – professions specialised in cybersecurity, certification and authentication issues


  • Jobs related to Research & Developpment / Engineering
    – Internal security Expert

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