Continuing to PhD level

Because CyberSchool trains future cybersecurity specialists, engineers and scientists, students are strongly encouraged to continue their graduate studies to PhD level.

2018.10.17 Bu Santé

Why continue to PhD level?

CyberSchool provides a privileged framework for students who wish to continue their studies to PhD level through a training programme which offers concrete synergies between an academic cursus, research and professional experience. CyberSchool’s teaching team of internationally renowned experts cover all areas of cybersecurity and students are able to work in academic and industrial research labs as soon as they start their Master’s so that they get to grips with research from the offset.

Employment opportunities

CyberSchool PhD graduates are experts in their field who move on to employment in basic or applied research: they can work in research institutes such as INRIA or the CNRS, or company R&D labs to develop innovative, high-end cybersecurity solutions.

Further information

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