Hardware Security

The Hardware Security specialisation is run by the IT Faculty at Université de Rennes 1.

Students enrolled for this option complete a Master’s in Computer Science, Cybersecurity track.

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This specialisation focuses on IoT’s ecosystem security (IoT stands for Internet of Things). Those electronic devices are prime targets for potential attackers. Taking into account their technical characteristics and in particular a lower computing power than classical IT systems , or their operating constraints (sometimes on battery) imply a somewhat particular approach to their security. This option of our master aims to familiarize you with these IoT ecosystems with regard to cybersecurity aspects (both from the point of view of assessing the level of security achieved by IoT and learning good security practices related to it).

Training programme objectives

The different courses offered in this specialisation allow students to discover the methods, tools, technical means necessary for the audit of embedded electronic systems. The key concepts of electronic architectures (hardware), interfaces with their external environments (Internet, Wifi, Radio Frequency Communication), embedded software and also vulnerabilities at all these levels, will be presented to students, as well as the theory necessary for the understanding of security challenges in these environments (Cryptography and associated mathematics, signal processing basis for example).


A comprehensive, interdisciplinary programme which focuses on digital security issues and includes mathematics, digital technologies and sciences.

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Acquired skills

• Understand the security of IoT (Hardware, Software) environments.
• Be able to reverse engineer the software embedded in the IoT.
• Understand security best practices for embedded IoT or electronics environments.
• Know how to analyze the security of radio frequency communication protocols.
• Be able to participate in the process of securing IoT products and ecosystems.

Employment opportunities

• Pentester or embedded systems auditor.
• Cybersecurity consultant in the field of IoT.
• Further study towards a PhD.

Who can apply ?

You will need a bachelor’s (or equivalent) in Computer Science or Electrical and Electronic Engineering to apply for this programme.

Reasonable knowledge of basic IT and communications science and technology is required. Please note that relevant work experience may compensate for a bachelor’s degree which is not strictly related to the field. Please outline your work experience in your cover letter or CV. Once your application has been submitted, the selection committee will make the final decision as to whether your bachelor’s degree and work experience are an appropriate pre-requisite for the programme you wish to study.


Université de Rennes 1 is unique in that it offers programmes in all cybersecurity subjects with its partners in Rennes and the Pôle d’excellence cyber.

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