Explore: Rennes, at the heart of the French cybervalley

Rooted in the Rennes ecosystem, the CyberSchool benefits from close interactions with the many academic and socio-economic players federated within the Cyber Pole of Excellence.
Rennes au coeur de la cyber vallée

In Rennes, we are cyber

As a European benchmark in the sector, Rennes constitutes a unique ecosystem recognized, rewarded and labeled. This leadership is based on military and civil specialization as well as on the development of a smart city.
The key figures of cybersecurity in Rennes:
• 70 private companies
• 3,400 jobs
• 13+ startups
• 90 doctoral students
• 30 educational programs from undergraduate to engineering schools
• 200 students per year specializing in cybersecurity
• 1,000 students per year taking courses in cybersecurity
• 150 cybersecurity researchers

Source: AUDIAR study - Cybersecurity Excellence in Rennes Métropole

Report on Cyber Week - Rennes 2019

Brittany, land of cybersecurity

Brittany is positioned as one of the most advanced French regions when it comes to structuring the digital security sector. Giving it a strategic position in Europe where Breton companies are strong and visible on the European cybersecurity market.