Joining forces: a unique alliance of players, an international network

Universities, schools and research laboratories join forces in Rennes to train the future experts, engineers and scientists in cybersecurity.
acteurs et réseau de partenaires

An international scale

10 founding establishments of CyberSchool are mobilizing to amplify its potential in Europe and beyond.

Backed by high-level research, CyberSchool will offer master's (initial and continuing training) and doctorate courses in English. To attract the best students, it will offer excellence and mobility scholarships as well as numerous opportunities to study abroad within a network of prestigious foreign universities.

CyberSchool relies on a network of close and historic collaborations between researchers and teacher-researchers of the Rennes site and renowned international institutions such as KU Leuven, Chalmers University of Technology, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Cornell University, Graz University of Technology, Max-Planck-Institut Informatik.
Each year, it will host some of the best cybersecurity researchers in the world; they will give lessons and work with the Rennes research teams.

Cybersecurity research chairs will be created. Researchers from organizations (CNRS, Inria, etc.) teaching at CyberSchool will be able to benefit from the title of adjunct professor.

These are all assets to cultivate Rennes' excellence in cybersecurity and allow CyberSchool to become the most complete training offering in Europe.

A solid anchoring in a buoyant ecosystem

At the heart of the Rennes ecosystem, students, doctoral students and trainees of the CyberSchool will benefit from interactions with the many academic and socio-economic actors federated within the Pôle d’excellence Cyber:
• Entities of the French Ministry of Defense (ComCyber, DGA-MI)
• Large groups (Orange, Airbus, Thales ...)
• PME-PMI (Amossys, Quarkslab, Secure-Ic…)