The training offer

The CyberSchool offers cutting-edge training in cybersecurity, innovative and international, backed by research at Master and Doctorate level.

Training offer

The training prepares specialists capable of carrying out projects to secure information system infrastructures, or even mathematical engineer-experts capable of ensuring the protection of digital information.

It includes a set of masters that meet the challenges of digital security and relies on 10 partners to deliver its programs.

These are built around a common core and a major / minor system, with advanced courses taught by experts or researchers from all partners. Instruction is conducted in English.

The major allows first year students to personalize their training path according to their expectations and to orient themselves better after the first semester. The choice of this major may therefore change during the master, except for the Cryptography major, which must be followed from the start of the master, after a degree in Mathematics.

More details on Majors

Among these 6 CyberSchool research areas, students must choose a minor, either introductory courses in another major or international Entrepreneurship and Innovation program (EIT DIGITAL Master), or digital law courses (related to the Masters in Digital Law from the University of Rennes 1), or Defense and Strategy courses (in conjunction with the Masters in Security, Defense and Strategic Intelligence from IEP Rennes, ENS Rennes and Université Rennes 1).

The training offers an initiation into research allowing interested students to pursue doctoral studies in a cybersecurity specialty of their choice.

A flexible study program

At Master level, the training will revolve around a research project (starting in their first year of Master, students will be integrated into a research team), a laboratory internship (university or industrial) and a flexible study program, combining major and minor. The student will choose his major from the 6 research areas of CyberSchool. In a minor, will be able to opt for another of these 6 areas, courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, law or political science.

Research and training through research

The synergy between academic research and the socio-economic world will also feed doctoral training: in addition to their thesis, doctoral students will put their expertise at the service of companies, leveraging the potential and skills of young researchers.

To raise their awareness of – and interest in – cybersecurity issues, CyberSchool will endeavor to ensure that this dynamic also benefits undergraduate students.