Training: access to all cybersecurity professions

An offer that draws on the expertise of a recognized training and research ecosystem to cover the entire cybersecurity chain.
Formation cybersecurite

A comprehensive training program

CyberSchool is based on an interdisciplinary approach associating mathematics, digital sciences and technologies and human and social sciences within six research areas:

  • Cryptography
  • Right and protection of privacy
  • Artificial intelligence and security 
  • Embedded hardware and systems
  • Formal methods and security
  • Software and systems security

It is a complete training program at Master and Doctorate level.





An interdisciplinary training on digital security issues

Cyber attacks are evolving at breakneck speed. CyberSchool provides its master's students with the level of expertise and agility necessary to adapt instantly and in depth.

The training will address the theories, methods and algorithms ensuring the security of the digital society as well as of the contents to be protected in very varied contexts and conditions of use (mobility, cloud, industrial systems, connected objects, etc.).