Master’s in Cybersecurity

CyberSchool organises and runs Université de Rennes 1 cybersecurity Master’s programmes :

  • Master’s in Mathematics and Applications – IT Mathematics and Cryptography
  • Master’s in Computer Science, Cybersecurity track

CyberSchool offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary programme which focuses on digital security issues and includes mathematics, digital technologies and sciences, and human and social sciences, within six majors.

By choosing the modules which best suit their interests and career goals, students create a coherent and customised major from a choice of six and also select a minor (a second branch) to develop interdisciplinarity.

Choosing your major

Your choice of major may change during your Master’s, except for the cryptography major which must be taken right from the start of the Master’s after a mathematics degree.

Select your major

Hardware Security
(coming soon)
Privacy & Defence
(coming soon)
AI & Security
(coming soon)

Choosing your minor

AI & Security (coming soon)
Privacy & Defense (coming soon)
Digital Law (coming soon)
Security, Defence and Strategic Intelligence (coming soon)

Programme organisation

This training programme centres around a research project (students will work with a research team as of M1) and a company or lab (university or industrial sector) internship.

  • A two-month in-company internship is carried out in the first year from may.
  • In the second year, students can take an in-company, four/six-month, internship as of March.

Langage of the course :

  • taught 70% in French / 30% in English for the Cryptography major.
  • taught 30% in French / 70% in English for the Software & System Security major.
Organisation Pedagogique

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