Cybersecurity Research in Rennes

Brittany positions itself as one of the leading French regions in the field of digital security. The Pôle d’excellence Cyber (PEC), established through the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and the Brittany Region, was born in this strategic location. This prominent national competitiveness cluster brings together numerous businesses in the field, government stakeholders, and academic institutions.


Rennes, a stronghold of cybersecurity in France, gathers a large number of research actors.

This concentration is reflected in their strong presence across six major laboratories in Rennes:

The Rennes environment thus offers cybersecurity researchers a particularly rich framework for developing academic and industrial collaborations at the local, national, and international levels. They thereby contribute to the national cybersecurity strategy and participate in the development of its ecosystem.

The richness of this environment also promotes knowledge sharing and provides an ideal setting for attracting many Rennes students to the world of research and further studies through doctoral programs.

Research Areas

Partners of CyberSchool (University of Rennes, CentraleSupélec, CNRS, ENSAI, ENS Rennes, IMT Atlantique, Inria, INSA Rennes, Sciences Po Rennes, University Rennes 2) collaborate with these laboratories and host numerous researchers covering a wide spectrum of fields related to computer security, ranging from cryptography to the human and societal dimensions of digital security :

Software and Compilation Security
Hardware Security IOT & ICS
Network and Cloud / System Security
Reactive Security Services
Distributed Systems, Blockchain and Privacy
AI and Security
Human and Societal aspects of security and privacy
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