An industry-oriented PhD programme

CyberSchool’s PhD programme focuses on synergies between academic research and the socio-economic sector. The programme covers specific career guidance elements such as:

  • Meetings with companies
  • Job fairs
  • Technical discussions and career guidance workshops
  • Group projects during which PhD students address industrial cybersecurity issues

PhD students are able to demonstrate their potential and skill as young researchers by applying their expertise to meet business needs.

CyberSchool’s PhD programme is part of the MathSTIC Doctoral School and, where applicable, the Law Doctoral School.

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CyberSchool’s PhD programme includes

The programme covers specific career guidance elements such as:

  • A lecture course (minor) in cybersecurity
  • Research seminars
  • Meetings with companies, business challenges
  • Mobility in companies
  • Possible thesis co-supervision (multi-disciplinary projects)

Internships and international mobility

PhD students can avail of international mobility opportunities, depending on their academic skills and research fields. The internships last for several months. CyberSchool’s researchers put interested students in touch with appropriate research partners abroad, in public and private labs.

Procedure and thesis co-supervision

CyberSchool is able to offer thesis co-supervision because of its network of solid, long-standing collaboration between researchers and research professors in Rennes and acclaimed international support from institutes such as KU Leuven, Chalmers University of Technology, l’École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Cornell University, Graz University of Technology, and Max-Planck-Institut Informatik.

Thesis scholarship funding / thesis topics

The Cyber Research Pole (PEC), created by the general partnership agreement, finances thesis projects by launching a joint call for applications with Région Bretagne (Rennes Regional Council) and EUR CyberSchool.

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