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CyberSchool positions itself as a cybersecurity training programme leader by offering programmes which meet corporate HR needs, both on a local and national level.


Partnership proposition

We have created a range of partnership offers for companies and organisations seeking cybersecurity talent to develop their business activities. The challenge in the cybersecurity sector is to ensure that the skills pool matches the sector’s development needs.

CyberSchool collaborates with several partner companies :



Presentation of the partner company and its cybersecurity jobs

CyberSchool offers partner companies the opportunity to present their business activities and cybersecurity jobs during information meetings with students. Each information meeting is dedicated to one partner company only. During these meetings, we request that partner companies provide information about their internship and work-study opportunities.

Internship and work-study offers

CyberSchool offers internships during the first year (M1) and second year of the Master’s (M2), and work-study opportunities during the second year of the Master’s (M2).

M1 internship

  • Duration: 2 to 3 months
  • Start date: mid-May

The aim of the internship is to help students become familiar with a working environment and cybersecurity-related IT jobs. The internship is also the opportunity for a partner company to assign students to short-term projects and identify potential talents for a longer internship the following year.

M2 internship

  • Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Start date: 1 March

During this internship, students apply their acquired skills to a professional context, identify career opportunities, and partner companies are able to source and train potential future employees.

M2 work-study offer

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Start date: September

The students of the Master’s in Computer Science, cybersecurity track can choose to spend the second year of their Master’s as a work-study year, through an apprenticeship or a professional-training contract.

Partner company guest lecturer

In order to provide students with concrete examples of the technologies they study, and cybersecurity management challenges, Cyberschool gives partner companies the possibility to present the issues they encounter and the solutions they implement.

If you are interested in this option, please send an email with the following information to :

  •       Lecture subject
  •       Lecture duration in-class
  •       Estimated study time
  •       Skills validation process
  •       Teaching/academic lecture experience

This partnership option will be closely examined and a preliminary meeting with the teaching staff will be held to jointly determine the best presentation method, in keeping with the curriculum.

Connecting cybersecurity alumni with CyberSchool students

We ask companies to encourage their employees and former Université de Rennes 1 cybersecurity graduates to sponsor CyberSchool students.

This sponsorship may translate as informal meetings with the sponsored students to help and advise them in their career choices.

Employment and internship opportunities

Please send your internship and employment offers by email to the following address

Mobility in companies for PhD students

As part of CyberSchool’s PhD training programme, one or several cybersecurity PhD students may work for a company for two months. The PhD students help the company’s teams to solve high-end technical issues.

Partner company and trainee feedback

Because we want to promote our partner companies, internships, and the skills our students develop during their internships, we publish interviews with the companies and our students on our communications networks.

CIFRE thesis for PhD students

If your company has a finalised cybersecurity CIFRE (Industrial Agreements for Training through Research) thesis project, please send it to us so that we can forward it to our research institutes’ research directors. If the theme is suitable, the latter will liaise with their teams to help identify a thesis supervisor.

CyberSchool will then be able to transfer the project to future PhD students whose skills and areas of interest match your project.

Other partnerships

Because CyberSchool aims to jointly develop its partnerships with companies and organisations invested in cybersecurity we want to extend the collaborative options to meet your needs.

One of these options includes giving students the opportunity to work in a group, upon company request, on technological and/or business challenges. Please come and discuss your needs with us so that we can decide how to put this option into motion.


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