Work-study programmes

Students who choose the Software & Systems Security major or Hardware Security major are able to take their second Master’s year as a work-study programme, either through an apprenticeship or a professional-training contract.

The work-study programme is not directly accessible in the second year of the Master’s programme. Only students who take their M1 at the CyberSchool can opt for a work-study M2 programme

Why choose a work-study programme?

Students spend 60% of their academic year working within a company and 40% in class. This option provides students with concrete professional experience which gives them a leading edge after graduation. It is mainly geared towards students who wish to begin a career in a company after their studies.

This type of programme, which combines theory and practical in-company training, means that students are trained for a cybersecurity position and are able to adapt more easily to a professional environment.


Advantages for work-study students

  • Combine a Cybersecurity diploma with a professional training
  • Put theoretical skills into practice
  • Develop a professional network
  • Benefit from employee status and salary during training programme
  • Increase chances of finding employment and fine-tune your career plan
  • Get free tuition fees (at the employer’s cost)

Work-study schedule

Work Study Programme Calendar 2

How to choose a work-placement company

Students interested in the work-study option are requested to discuss this with their teachers.

Work-study contracts must be signed by mid-July at the latest so that the contracts begin in September.

There are three ways to find a work-study contract :

  • Open-job application: students contact a company which interests them and are offered a work-study contract
  • External offer: students apply to work-study contract offers on specialised websites and are offered a contract
  • Internal offer: CyberSchool students can apply for work-study offers on University’s intranet

Students submit their work-study offers to the teaching staff for approval.

When a work-study offer is approved a contract is signed between the company in question, the student and CyberSchool.

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