19 February 2024

CyberSchool Partner’s Open Days

Our partners organised their Open Days on Saturdays, 10th and 17th February, across their various campuses in Rennes, Saint-Malo, and Lannion.

On 10th February, the University of Rennes, ENSAI, ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes, Sciences Po Rennes, Université Rennes 2, and IMT Atlantique opened their doors in Rennes.

During the Open Day at the University of Rennes, the CyberSchool hosted a booth on the Beaulieu campus to showcase cybersecurity programmes offered by the university’s departments and affiliated institutions. Student engagement fostered peer interactions, which were highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, our partners ENSSAT, IUT of Saint-Malo, and IUT of Lannion opened their doors on 17th February on their campuses in Lannion and Saint-Malo.

These events provided high school students and undergraduates with the opportunity to explore various pathways to pursue careers in cybersecurity, highlighting once again their keen interest in this sector.