Master informatique parcours Science Informatique

The Master informatique parcours Science Informatique is run by the IT Faculty ‘ISTIC’ at the University of Rennes.

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The Master informatique parcours Science Informatique is managed by a consortium of the main universities and leading computer science schools in Brittany: the University of Rennes, ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes, and CentraleSupélec. This consortium of institutions, with the support of renowned laboratories, offers students cutting-edge training in computer science research.

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> Duration: 2 years, full-time
> Place: Rennes and Lannion


The Master informatique parcours Science Informatique is dedicated to students interested in a career in computer science research. This research-oriented track is supported by IRISA and Inria, which together form the largest computer science laboratory in France.

The Master informatique parcours Science Informatique offers specific teachings distributed across the accredited institutions according to their research competencies. The selected teaching modules are both current and promising research topics, as well as fundamental technological issues, anchoring the training in current themes of both public and private research. They are therefore subject to evolution over the years.

Each student chooses an ordered list of modules upon application. These courses can be organised into 5 domains:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data, Image
  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtual reality, interaction, robotics
  • Architecture, cloud, and networks
  • Foundations of Computer Science

The programme includes a bibliographic study, training in oral expression techniques that will be put into practice during participation in the master’s colloquium, a series of courses and seminars, as well as work experience within a research team (internship).

To accommodate international students, most courses are taught in English.

Who can apply ?

If you wish to apply for the Master informatique parcours Science Informatique, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


Students in this programme are required to complete a 5-month research internship during their second year of a Master’s degree.

A wide range of internships is available each year in the research laboratories of partner institutions, but internships can also be undertaken in high-tech industries or as part of a partnership between a research team and a company.

Study programme

Find out more about the courses taught in this Master’s.

Employment opportunities

The master’s degree programme provides pathways for further study through a PhD in Computer Science. Graduates who wish to continue their studies in the field of research possess the skills expected by thesis supervisors.

Graduates have the skills necessary to enter the job market. They are eligible for high-level positions such as:

  • Lecturer-researcher in higher education
  • Researcher in a public research institution
  • Researcher in a company specialised in research and development

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