Master’s Computer Science, track Chief information security officer

The Master’s Computer Science, track Chief information security officer is run by the IT Faculty ‘ISTIC’ at the University of Rennes.

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> ECTS: 120 ECTS
> Duration: 2 years, exclusively work-study
> Programme manager: François Lemercier
> Place: Rennes


The information systems (IS) of public organisations, businesses, and associations are increasingly exposed to threats that require their safeguarding.

This master’s programme prepares students to implement information security policies in organisations to ensure their smooth operation and sustainability.

Do you have a strong sense of public interest? Are you looking for a programme that combines technical and managerial skills? Do you want to work in an environment rich in interactions with various components of an organisation? Do you enjoy making a technical problem understandable, proposing and implementing solutions to solve it? This programme is tailored for you!

This track trains students for careers related to information systems security management. Students acquire skills in:

  • Technical aspects essential for understanding information systems security (networks, cryptography, threats, and network security)
  • Legal aspects (standards and regulations related to computer security/data protection)
  • Sector-specific knowledge (understanding the challenges of IS security in various sectors of activity and organisational profiles, e.g., hospitals, local authorities, businesses, etc.)
  • Functional skills (project management related to cybersecurity domains, management [Governance, Risk, and Compliance], communication, and crisis management).

Acquired skills

  • Understanding cybersecurity threats and challenges
  • Knowledge of information systems: principles of secure architectures and infrastructures
  • Understanding the requirements for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and associated tools
  • Development and drafting of policies, procedures, and document repositories
  • Conducting a risk analysis and the ability to establish risk mitigation recommendations and measures
  • Analysis of information systems security malfunctions and organisation of lessons learned
  • Designing a cybersecurity program
  • Ability to monitor/lead/manage a project
  • Understanding decision-making processes within organisations
  • Communication and crisis management

Who can apply ?

If you wish to apply for this master, you will need a Bachelor degree or equivalent in Computer Science or  in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Please note that relevant experience may compensate for a degree which is not strictly related to the field. When you candidate, please outline your experience in your cover letter or CV.

Once your application has been submitted, the selection committee will make the final decision as to whether your bachelor’s degree and work experience are an appropriate pre-requisite for this master.

Work-study programme

The programme is delivered through work-study arrangements in both M1 and M2. It starts in the first week of September and is contingent upon securing an apprenticeship contract. It is recommended to sign your apprenticeship contract in July for a September start.

Students must have an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract throughout the programme.


To all companies and organisations: If you are considering hiring a student for the next two years, please send your work-study offers to:

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The master’s teaching team is available to provide you with personalised support:

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  • Assistance with finding work-study opportunities
  • Identifying connections between your current courses and those in the master’s programme
  • Answers to your questions

Contact Franck Bouetard right away at

Employment opportunities

  • Chief information security officer (CISO) or Cybersecurity Manager
  • Technical and Organisational Auditor
  • Information Systems Security Consultant (Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

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