27 October 2022

Professional meeting with SeckIoT

On Tuesday 25 October, SeckIoT presented to our students what cybersecurity is in an industrial environment and in particular on OT (Operational Technology) environments.

SeckIoT is a French software company specialised in OT & IOT Cybersecurity. It offers its customers solutions to strengthen the security of their industrial and IOT systems.

This meeting started with a description of the mapping of the different elements to be protected and its solutions in terms of mapping, vulnerability monitoring and real-time threat detection. After a presentation of the different profiles in the company (Cybersecurity Engineer, Data Scientist, Integrator …), a time of exchange with the students on the skills and knowledge necessary to secure OT environments allowed to clarify the needs in this field. SeckIoT then invited the students to come and meet the experts at the European Cyber Week and discuss the internships and work-study contracts available.