14 February 2023

A new master’s degree in cybersecurity taught at ISTIC (University of Rennes)

From September 2023, a new master’s in cybersecurity will be taught at ISTIC (the computer science and electronics department of the University of Rennes): the Master’s Computer Science, Track Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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This two-year master’s degree, which is offered alternate as a word-study programme only, will aim to train students in the implementation of information security policies in organisations in order to ensure their proper functioning and sustainability.

Thus, it will train students for jobs related to the management of information systems security. They will acquire technical, legal, sectoral and functional skills.

The first class of this master’s will start in September 2023!

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Discover the video presentation of this master: https://youtu.be/wbY6OoWgZMY

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