13 March 2024

CTF Hack’lantique 2k24

On Saturday, 9th March, the Capture The Flag (CTF) Hack’lantique 2k24 took place, organised by 8 students from IMT Atlantique as part of their 3rd-year project.

With the participation of 150 attendees divided into 30 teams, this event was a complete success, attracting students from 14 different schools and universities, all eager to take on this cybersecurity challenge.

The support of the teaching researchers from the cybersecurity in-depth theme at IMT Atlantique, as well as the mobilisation of the entire campus of Rennes, greatly contributed to the success of this event. Airbus, APIXIT, Orange Cyberdefense, Rennes Métropole, and the CyberSchool were also delighted to have supported this initiative.

At the end of the competition, the team “Scr1ptK1dd1es” from IMT Atlantique brilliantly won first place, taking home a prize of 750 euros and five reserved spots at the Breizh CTF. Congratulations to them and to all the participants!