Master Droit privé parcours Droit du numérique

The Master Droit privé parcours Droit du numérique is run by the Law and Political Science Faculty at the University of Rennes.

> Duration: 1 year, exclusively work-study
> Cybersecurity courses: Programme that combines law and digital security
> Programme managers: Antoine Gouëzel and Tanguy Allain
> Place: Rennes


The objective of the Master Droit privé parcours Droit du numérique is to train high-level lawyers with an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and the ability to guide the company and its stakeholders in a coherent and competitive strategy, anticipating risks through comprehension and compliance with legal obligations.

The second year of master allows students to deepen the fundamentals of digital law (personal data law, e-commerce law, intellectual property law…) but also to understand the implications of digital technology on more traditional branches of law (labour law, taxation, criminal law…) and to open up to new fields (digital economy, legaltech, computer science…), without forgetting the major emphasis on English.

These teachings are delivered by academics and legal professionals.

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Acquired skills

Upon completion of this master’s programme, students will be able to:

  • Understand and monitor regulatory developments.
  • Implement the Data Protection Act and GDPR within the organisation.
  • Learn to support the creation of informational value and organise its contractual circulation, contributing to the creation of the knowledge economy.
  • Train and raise awareness among staff on the ethical use of data as well as their legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Identify legal risks (intellectual property, criminal…) for the company and implement legal solutions for the prevention and enhancement of intangible assets.
  • Co-draft the computer security charter for all users.
  • Ensure understanding between business experts and IT specialists.
  • Understand and analyse the challenges and issues related to the digital world.
  • Monitor and analyse trends and activities related to the digital realm.
  • Define and implement a strategy for valorising the company’s intangible assets.

Who can apply ?

To apply for the Master Droit privé parcours Droit du numérique, you must:

  • Hold a first year of a master’s degree in Private Law and wish to acquire a promising professional specialisation;
  • Be a legal professional seeking to strengthen your knowledge in these emerging themes, such as corporate lawyers, attorneys, etc.
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Work-study programme

The training is delivered through a work-study programme, allowing for the integration of theoretical courses with practical experience. In addition to promoting the professional integration of students and the specialisation of professionals, this format enables companies to incorporate employees knowledgeable about the latest regulatory advancements and their implementation, thanks to the combination of academic research and practical expertise. The work-study programme follows a schedule of one week of classes followed by two weeks in the company.

Study programme

Find out more about the courses taught in this Master’s.

Employment opportunities

Following the completion of this master’s programme, the vast majority of students enter the professional field.

Graduates can become versatile lawyers, capable of holding positions as business law generalists facing new challenges in the information economy and innovation, or they can pursue more specialised roles in intellectual property (publishers, producers, collective management organisations) or digital law (tech companies). In addition to roles as lawyers and corporate lawyers, the master’s programme also prepares students for careers as industrial property consultants, Data Protection Officers (DPOs), regulatory affairs managers, lobbyists, or asset valuation specialists.

Examples of professional sectors available to students include:

  • Content production and distribution
  • Banking
  • Network companies
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • E-commerce

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