Teaching goals

Learn basic techniques for cryptanalysis.

Course description

The goals are to understand cryptanalysis technique for public and symmetric-key cryptography. In symmetric-key cryptography, differential, linear cryptanalysis, but also more advanced techniques such as integral attacks and boomerang. Students will implement all the components for an attack on a toy cipher of 32 bits. For public-key cryptanalysis, we will describe basic and advanced techniques on RSA, ECC using lattice reductions and more attacks on post-quantum cryptosystems such as multivariate schemes or lattice schemes.


Differential/Linear cryptanalysis, lattice reductions for public-key cryptanalysis.


Basic course in cryptography, some math courses on lattices can be helpful but it is not required.


Patrick Derbez is an Associate Professor at the University of Rennes 1. He is a recognised authority in the field of symmetrical cryptography. He is notably the author of several famous attacks on AES, the standard for symmetrical encryption. He has been a member of the ToSC programme committee since 2016 and has participated in numerous conferences and workshops. He was recently named to the GSMA Hall of Fame for his work on GEA-1 and GEA-2 encryption algorithms used to secure non-verbal communications in 2G/2G+. He also received a Best Paper Award for his article on boomerang attacks published in ToSC 2020-4.

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