28 February 2023

Sponsorship ceremony

Amossys, a cybersecurity consulting and expertise company based in Rennes, has become the sponsor of the University of Rennes’ master’s in Computer Science, Cybersecurity track and mathematics and Applications – IT Mathematics and Cryptography (classes 2022-2024).

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The sponsorship ceremony took place on 17 February, in the presence of Frédéric Rémi, CEO and Co-owner of Amossys and Claire Fricot, Human Resources Officer. The Rennes 1 Foundation was also present for the occasion, as well as the heads of the masters (Pierre-Alain Fouque, Mohamed Sabt and Sylvain Duquesne).

Amossys, represented by Frédéric Rémi, will be the sponsor of these classes for their Master 1 and 2. In particular, he has undertaken to make himself available for the organisation of meetings, to participate in educational activities and to give the students the benefit of his experience and professional network.

As for the heads of the courses, they have undertaken to discuss the skills developed by the students, present their research themes and the means implemented in terms of innovation, prepare the students for meetings with professionals and propose an assessment to the Rennes 1 Foundation.

Finally, the Rennes 1 Foundation undertakes to facilitate sponsorship actions and communication concerning them, and to include Amossys in its “Community of class sponsors” and to associate it with the exchanges proposed in this context.