BUT Réseaux & Télécommunications (Lannion)

The BUT Réseaux & Télécommunications is run by the IUT of Lannion (University of Rennes).

> Duration: 3 years, full-time or work-study
> Cybersecurity courses: starting from the 2nd year (choose the ‘cybersecurity’ track).
> Programme managers
: Thierry Brault, Thierry Peyre, Romuald Rocher
> Place
: Lannion


The BUT Réseaux & Télécommunications programme trains technicians over three years capable of implementing, configuring, and maintaining information systems and equipment while ensuring their physical and software security.

The first year of this BUT is an exploration year covering all areas of Networks & Telecommunications. In the 2nd and 3rd years, students follow the cybersecurity track, deepening their knowledge and skills in this field.

The cybersecurity track develops strategies, techniques, and skills for securing information systems. It specializes students in designing security policies, implementing them, and monitoring them. Developing knowledge and expertise in the fields of computer science and transmission electronics (even if it is possible to enter the track without knowledge in these two areas), this track combines diverse theoretical and practical teachings leading to integration into the community of Neticians.

Acquired skills

  • Acquisition of skills in the following areas:
    • Local enterprise networks with and without wires (Copper, Optical, WiFi…);
    • Telecommunication and Internet networks (operator networks ADSL, Fibre, and Satellite);
    • Fixed and mobile multimedia access networks (xDSL, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G…);
    • Enterprise multimedia communication systems: telephony, video over IP…
  • Understanding, installing, managing, and marketing fixed or mobile multimedia computer and telecommunications networks (phone, TV, video, data, online games, web…).

Who can apply ?

If you wish to apply for the BUT Réseaux & Télécommunications, you must hold a:

  • General Baccalaureate. The most suitable specialties are:
    • Mathematics
    • Digital and Computer Science
    • Physics chemistry
    • Engineering Science
  • STI2D Baccalaureate

The BUT is also open to continuing education.

Internships & Work-study programme

Students have the choice to pursue their 2nd and 3rd years in traditional training (with internships) or through work-study arrangements:

  • Students choosing traditional training must complete:
    • 10 weeks of internship in the 2nd year
    • 16 weeks of internship in the 3rd year

They have the possibility to carry out their internships abroad.

  • Students choosing work-study programme will alternate between periods of training and periods in the industry.

Study programme

Find out more about the courses taught in this BUT:

Employment opportunities

Following the completion of the BUT Réseaux & Télécommunications, graduates can choose to continue their studies in engineering school or pursue a master’s degree.

Here are examples of engineering schools partnering with the CyberSchool:

Students wishing to pursue a master’s degree in the field of cybersecurity can specifically apply for the Master’s Computer Science, track Chief information security officer at the University of Rennes.

On the other hand, students can also choose to enter the professional field as specialists in network & telecom professions, experts in cybersecurity. They can particularly join service companies and network equipment manufacturers, telecommunications operators and internet service providers, companies and administrations managing their own information and communication systems, telephone installers, service and engineering companies in information technology…

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